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Domain Authentication

An authenticated domain allows you to remove the “via” or “sent on behalf of” message that your recipients see when they read your emails. Authenticating a domain allows you to replace with your personal sending domain. You will be required to create a subdomain so that SendGrid can generate the DNS records which you must give to your host provider. If you choose to use Automated Security, SendGrid will provide you with 3 CNAME records. If you turn Automated Security off, you will get 2 TXT records and 1 MX record.

Domain Authentication was formerly called "Domain Whitelabel".

For more information, please see How to set up domain authentication.

Each user may have a maximum of 3,000 authenticated domains and 3,000 link brandings. This limit is at the user level, meaning each Subuser belonging to a parent account may have its own 3,000 authenticated domains and 3,000 link brandings.

Disassociate an authenticated domain from a subuser

DELETE /v3/whitelabel/domains/subuser

Base url:

This endpoint allows you to disassociate a specific authenticated domain from a subuser.

Authenticated domains can be associated with (i.e. assigned to) subusers from a parent account. This functionality allows subusers to send mail using their parent's domain authentication. To associate an authenticated domain with a subuser, the parent account must first authenticate and validate the domain. The parent may then associate the authenticated domain via the subuser management tools.


  • API Key


default: Bearer <<YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>>

Query String


Username for the subuser to find associated authenticated domain.

default: None


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        Disassociate an authenticated domain from a given user.

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