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Suppressions - Unsubscribe Groups

Suppression groups, or unsubscribe groups, are specific types or categories of emails from which you would like your recipients to be able to unsubscribe. For example: Daily Newsletters, Invoices, and System Alerts are all potential suppression groups. Visit the main documentation to learn more about suppression/unsubscribe groups. You can also find more information about specifying unsubscribe groups when using the SMTP API in our X-SMTPAPI Header documentation.

The name and description of the unsubscribe group will be visible by recipients when they are managing their subscriptions.

Each Twilio SendGrid account can create up to 200 different suppression groups.

Delete a Suppression Group

DELETE /v3/asm/groups/{group_id}

Base url:

This endpoint allows you to delete a suppression group.

If a recipient uses the "one-click unsubscribe" option on an email associated with a deleted group, that recipient will be added to the global suppression list.

Deleting a suppression group will remove the suppression, meaning email will once again be sent to the previously suppressed addresses. This should be avoided unless a recipient indicates they wish to receive email from you again. You can use our bypass filters to deliver messages to otherwise suppressed addresses when exceptions are required.


  • API Key


default: Bearer <<YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>>

The on-behalf-of header allows you to make API calls from a parent account on behalf of the parent's Subusers or customer accounts. You will use the parent account's API key when using this header. When making a call on behalf of a customer account, the property value should be "account-id" followed by the customer account's ID (e.g., on-behalf-of: account-id <account-id>). When making a call on behalf of a Subuser, the property value should be the Subuser's username (e.g., on-behalf-of: <subuser-username>). See On Behalf Of for more information.

default: None

Path Parameters


The ID of the suppression group you would like to retrieve.

default: None


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        Delete a Suppression Group

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