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Account Provisioning API: Account Operations

The Twilio SendGrid Account Provisioning API provides a platform for Twilio SendGrid resellers to manage their customers. This API is for companies that have a formal reseller partnership with Twilio SendGrid.

You can access Twilio SendGrid sub-account functionality without becoming a reseller. If you require sub-account functionality, see the Twilio SendGrid Subusers feature, which is available with Pro and Premier plans.

The Account Provisioning API account operations allow you to create, retrieve, and authenticate customer accounts.

Single Sign-On

The Account Provisioning API is in private beta and accessible by invitation only at this time.

The Single Sign-On operation authenticates a customer that you specify by account ID with the Twilio SendGrid user interface. The customer will be authenticated as an Admin Teammate with all the permissions to manage any aspect of their account, including API keys, additional teammates, and domain authentication.

A successful request to this endpoint generates a redirect containing a one-time authorization code used to log the user into the Twilio SendGrid UI. This one-time code is good for 60 seconds and can be used for login once, ensuring that any type of man-in-the-middle or replay attack can be securely blocked. This allows you to manage your customers' authentication credentials without sharing any of the information with Twilio SendGrid.

This SSO flow is limited to authentication on the base Admin Teammate. It cannot be used for SSO on a subsequently created teammate or subuser whose credentials will be managed through Twilio SendGrid.

POST /v3/partners/accounts/{accountID}/sso

Base url:

Authenticates and logs in a user to Twilio Sendgrid as a specific admin identity configured for SSO by partner. Any additional teammates or subusers will need to log in directly via


  • API Key


default: Bearer <<YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>>

Path Parameters


Twilio SendGrid account ID

default: None


No response body.
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