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Link Branding

Email link branding (formerly "Link Whitelabel") allows all of the click-tracked links, opens, and images in your emails to be served from your domain rather than Spam filters and recipient servers look at the links within emails to determine whether the email looks trustworthy. They use the reputation of the root domain to determine whether the links can be trusted.

You can also manage link branding in the Sender Authentication section of the Twilio SendGrid App.

For more information, please see our Link Branding documentation.

Disassociate a branded link from a subuser

DELETE /v3/whitelabel/links/subuser

Base url:

This endpoint allows you to take a branded link away from a subuser.

Link branding can be associated with subusers from the parent account. This functionality allows subusers to send mail using their parent's link branding. To associate link branding, the parent account must first create a branded link and validate it. The parent may then associate that branded link with a subuser via the API or the Subuser Management page of the Twilio SendGrid App.

Your request will receive a response with a 204 status code if the disassociation was successful.


  • API Key


default: Bearer <<YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>>

Query String


The username of the subuser account that you want to disassociate a branded link from.

default: None


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