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Suppressions - Global Suppressions

Spam Reports are triggered when a recipient marks one of your emails as spam. Spam reports can only be gathered from Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that provide a feedback loop.

It is important that addresses that have marked your messages as spam be permanently removed from your send list, even if the recipients have previously opted into receiving your messages. Continuing to send to customers who have reported your email as spam can severely affect your deliverability rating.

You can also access your Spam Reports from the Suppressions settings menu in the Twilio SendGrid App.

For more information, please see our Spam Reports documentation.

Retrieve a Global Suppression

GET /v3/asm/suppressions/global/{email}

Base url:

This endpoint allows you to retrieve a global suppression. You can also use this endpoint to confirm if an email address is already globally suppresed.

If the email address you include in the URL path parameter {email} is already globally suppressed, the response will include that email address. If the address you enter for {email} is not globally suppressed, an empty JSON object {} will be returned.


  • API Key


default: Bearer <<YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>>
default: The subuser's username. This header generates the API call as if the subuser account was making the call.

Path Parameters


The email address of the global suppression you want to retrieve. Or, if you want to check if an email address is on the global suppressions list, enter that email address here.

default: None



The email address that is globally suppressed. This will be an empty object if the email address you included in your call is not globally suppressed.

format: email

        Retrieve a Global Suppression

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