This documentation is for the SendGrid Web API v2

To access all the latest features and upcoming developments, please see our v3 API.

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Reseller API Overview

The Reseller API is for companies with which SendGrid has formal reseller partnerships, such that billing and usage can be integrated. If you don't have a formal partnership with SendGrid, you will not have permission to use this API. Check the Customer Subuser API if you need sub-account functionality.

Following are brief descriptions of the various API calls needed to manage your customers. Click the API call name for further details:

Customer Management

Retrieve, create, enable, and disable your customers. Change a customer's email address and username.

Customer Statistics

Retrieve your customers' statistics.

Customer Bounces

Manage your customers' bounce records.

Customer Unsubscribes

Manage your customers' unsubscribes.

Customer Invalid Emails

Manage your customers' invalid emails.

Customer Spam Reports

Manage your customers' spam reports.

Customer Account Limits

Manage the rate at which your customers are able to send email.

Customer Timezone

Get and/or edit the timezone for reseller customers.

Monitor Records

Make sure your customers aren't sending out spam by getting a sample of their outgoing messages.

IP Management

List all IP addresses you have under your account, and retrieve details about those IP addresses.

Domain Authentication

Manage domain authentication settings for your customers.

Event Notification Url

Manage your customers' event notification URLs.

Authenticate a Customer

Validate a customer's password with the SendGrid system.

Parse Settings

Setup your customers' parse settings.

Filter / Apps

Setup your customers' app settings.

Invoice Retrieval

Retrieve your invoices.

Account Changes

Upgrade, downgrade, or close a customer's account.

View Available Packages

List all SendGrid packages available to your account.

Account Overview

Review your customers' account overview.

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