Using KeyCDN as your Content Delivery Network (CDN)

This section is maintained by KeyCDN, if you have any questions about KeyCDN please contact their support team.

Sign up for KeyCDN or login to your existing account.

Create a pull zone and point the origin URL to

KeyCDN Pull Zone

Enable SSL and HTTP/2 (custom SSL or Let's Encrypt).

KeyCDN Enable SSL

Enable the option "Forward Host Header."

KeyCDN Forward Host Header

Create a CNAME record in your DNS settings pointing the alias you want to use for your email branded link domain (e.g. to the Zone URL provided within your KeyCDN dashboard (e.g. Then, add that alias as a Zonealias.

KeyCDN Zonealias

Finally, contact SendGrid support, and they'll validate the CDN settings and enable SSL click and open tracking.

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