Coming soon to Marketing Campaigns

There are some important features that have been delivered or are coming soon to Marketing Campaigns, we appreciate your patience as we deliver them for you.

Deliverable Targeted availability
Custom Field Limit Increase Delivered
Additional Email Testing credits Delivered
A/B testing for Single Sends Delivered
Create segments based on custom fields, reserved fields, and engagement with Single Sends Delivered
Segmentation API Delivered
Saving a Single Send or Automation email as a template Delivered
Duplicating a Marketing Campaigns template Delivered
View a sample of contacts on a segment Delivered
Send a test email from within Single Sends Delivered
View a sample of contacts on a list Delivered
Designate an IP pool for a Single Send Delivered
Trigger an automation to a segment Delivered
View which links within an email were clicked Delivered
View per-contact engagement data Future
Export statistics for a Single Send or an Automation Future
Automation API Future
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