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Twilio Unified Login Overview

Unified Login simplifies user experience by enabling Twilio users to utilize their Twilio email, password, and authentication settings across various products, including SendGrid.

To get started with Unified Login, you have the option to create new Segment or SendGrid users directly from the Twilio Console, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

At the moment linking existing SendGrid user is supported only manually. Please reach out to your SendGrid contact or our support team.

Unified Login not only enhances user convenience but also strengthens security and access management across Twilio's suite of products.

Using The Product Switcher

The Product Switcher simplifies your journey across Twilio Console and SendGrid. You will be asked to link your existing Segment user with the Twilio user credentials, or create a new Segment or SendGrid user with access to a free version of the products. At this moment, Twilio Unified Login does not support linking existing SendGrid users.

Once you are a linked user, you will be able to use the product switcher and navigate back to Twilio Console. You will be asked if you want to create a SendGrid user with your Twilio user credentials.

User Settings

If you're using Unified Login, you can handle most user settings, like your email, password, and 2FA, right from the Twilio Console. Some user settings and functionality are still managed within your SendGrid user interface.

For more information, visit the Unified Login support page.

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