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Underused Mail Setting Retirement

As we continuously modernize our email delivery infrastructure, we have sunset some sparsely used features in order to improve efficiency.

Mail Setting Recommended Action
Plain Content is an option within SendGrid Mail Settings that disables the automatic conversion of plain text emails to HTML. If you would like to maintain open and click tracking, you must send HTML. Otherwise, you can continue sending plain text emails without open and click tracking.
Gravatar third party integration. Due to low adoption among customers we decided to sunset this feature.
Sections is a form of mail merge where sections of an email content can be customized by recipient. We recommend using Twilio SendGrid transactional templates with handlebars syntax through our v3 API.
BCC automatically BCCs an email address for every email sent. We recommend identifying bcc as a personalization in each API call.
Spam Checker is an option within SendGrid Mail Settings that checks outbound messages for spam content. We recommend using Email Testing to maximize your deliverability.
Drop feature is a test feature that goes through the processing of mail, but just drops it without delivering in the end. We have a Sandbox Mode feature which allows you to send a test email to ensure that your request body is formatted correctly without delivering the email to any of your recipients.
Sendwithus third party Integration We recommend using Twilio SendGrid Marketing Campaigns.
DomainKey is an old feature for signing emails which has been deprecated by email industry. Users should utilize DKIM which is the new standard for signing emails.
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