API Libraries

These libraries allow quick integration between SendGrid and your project, and are available for a variety of languages and frameworks.

Official libraries

SendGrid maintains the following official libraries for mail sending.

The following official libraries are maintained by SendGrid to create SMTP API Headers, they are included in the above official libraries.

The following official library is maintained by SendGrid to use the Event Webhook: - EventKit by SendGrid - An app to consume and store SendGrid Events.

If you find a problem with any of the official libraries please submit issues on their respective GitHub projects and we'll address them ASAP

Community libraries

Open source library contributions from the awesome SendGrid community.

Web API Libraries


  • StrongGrid by Jeremie Desautels - Strongly typed library (no dynamic types!) for working with SendGrid's v3 API. Available as a nuget package. This library also includes a parser for Events and Inbounce Email webhooks.
  • MinimalSendGrid by Sebastien Robert - Minimal implementation of the SendGrid HTTP v3 API to send emails, compatible with .NET Standard 1.0
  • SendGridSharp by Tatsuro Shibamura - SendGrid Client for C# (.NET 4.5) Simple interface, support to the new API, there is a feature that is not dependent on the System.Net.Mail.


  • RapidAPI-SendGrid by Dmitry Shumytskyi) - Test the SendGrid API in your browser and integrate into your app using autogenerated code.
  • CloudRail-SendGrid by CloudRail - Bundle SendGrid and other APIs into one SDK



  • sendgrid.cfc - by Matthew Clemente - A CFML wrapper for the SendGrid API

Command Line

  • cmdgrid by Martyn Davies - CLI for working with SendGrid's Parse API
  • sgsend by Vijay Vaidyanathan - Sending email from the shell command line (for Macs and Unix)
  • sg by Wataru Sato - CLI for all SendGrid v3 endpoints.


  • sendgrid_elixir by Alex Garibay - Elixir package for sending SendGrid transactional emails
  • bamboo by Thoughtbot - Elixir emailing package, with SendGrid adapter
  • swoosh - Another Elixir emailing package, with SendGrid adapter



  • sendgrid-v3 by Marcel Buesing - Haskell package for sending Mails via the SendGrid v3 Mail API


JavaScript / Node.js




  • sendgrid-openshift-php by SendGrid - Official PHP wrapper for use with Red Hat OpenShift
  • sendgrid-report-php by Francisco Serrano - PHP wrapper to view and manage SendGrid reports through the SendGrid API
  • SendGrid-PHP-Library by Alon Ben David - PHP wrapper for the SendGrid API including Marketing Email API
  • messaging_sendgrid by Jose Reyero - Drupal 7 plugin that adds bulk messaging capabilities via SendGrid
  • codeigniter-sendgrid-newsletter by Garrett St John - CodeIgniter wrapper for the SendGrid Marketing Email API
  • codeigniter-sendgrid-mail by Garrett St John - CodeIgniter wrapper for the SendGrid Mail API
  • sendgrid-component by Damien Varron - CakePHP component that extends the base email component with SendGrid functionality
  • sendgrid-subuser-api by Eliksir - Library that makes it easy to work with the SendGrid Subuser API
  • sendgrid-webapi-v3-php by iDimensionz - A complete implementation of the V3 WebAPI in PHP. Very structured, OO implementation with excellent test coverage. A repo containing examples showing how simple it is to utilize our implementation is available at example.
  • laravel-sendgrid-driver by Shingo Ichikawa - This library can add SendGrid driver into the laravel's mail configure.
  • godpod/sendgrid by Ravi Rajendra - This library allows you to quickly and easily send emails or make api calls through SendGrid using PHP.
  • fastglass/sendgrid by taz77 - This library allows you to send emails through SendGrid using PHP and Guzzle 6.x.


  • MV Connect: MVSendGrid by Patrick Payne and Zumasys - This library allows you to call SendGrid's v2 Web API from various flavors of PICK including but not limited to jBASE, UniVerse, UniData, D3 and OpenQM.



  • sendgrid by Stephen Blankenship - SendGrid rubygem (ActionMailer)
  • sendgrid_toolkit by Robby Grossman - Ruby wrapper for the SendGrid Web API
  • sendgrid-rails by Pavel Tsiukhtsiayeu - Extends ActionMailer with SendGrid methods
  • gatling_gun by James Edward Gray II - Simple wrapper over SendGrid's Marketing Email API.
  • sendgrid_api by Mark Edmondson - Implements an ActionMailer that delivers through the SendGrid Web API.
  • sendgrid4r by Wataru Sato - Ruby wrapper for the SendGrid Web API v3.



Webhook Libraries


  • StrongGrid by Jeremie Desautels - Strongly typed library (no dynamic types!) for working with SendGrid's v3 API. Available as a nuget package. This library also includes a parser for Events and Inbounce Email webhooks.
  • C# Webhooks - Community contributed library


  • Django eventhooks by agiliq - An app to consume and store SendGrid Events with Django
  • Pyramid Webhooks by GoodRx - Parses incoming SendGrid Webhook events in Pyramid apps


-   [gridhook](https://github.com/injekt/gridhook) *by Lee Jarvis* - Ruby Gem for handling inbound batches from our Event API
  • griddler by Thoughtbot - Rails engine that provides an endpoint for SendGrid's Parse API
  • Pokey by Chuck Callebs - Ruby Gem for simulating events to your code for QA or development environments

Standard Drivers

ADO.NET Providers

-    [CData ADO.NET Provider for SendGrid](http://www.cdata.com/drivers/sendgrid/ado) *by CData Software* - Fully-managed ADO.NET Provider with support for Entity Framework, ADO.NET 2.0, LINQ, and more. Use SendGrid Data Provider objects to connect and access data just as you would access any traditional database.

JDBC Drivers

-    [CData JDBC Driver for SendGrid](http://www.cdata.com/drivers/sendgrid/jdbc) *by CData Software* - Pure Java Type 4/5 JDBC Driver with bi-directional access from Java/J2EE applications. Easily connect to live SendGrid data through any JDBC capable application or tool!

ODBC Drivers

-    [CData ODBC Driver for SendGrid](http://www.cdata.com/drivers/sendgrid/odbc) *by CData Software* - Unicode-enabled 32/64-bit ODBC 3.8 compliant Driver for Windows, Mac, & Linux. Access SendGrid the same way that you would connect to any other ODBC data source!
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