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IP access management

IP Access Management allows you to control which IP addresses can be used to access your account, either through the User Interface or the API.

There is no limit to the number of IP addresses that you can allow.

It is possible to remove your own IP address from your list of allowed addresses, thus blocking your own access to your account. While we are able to restore your access, we do require thorough proof of your identify and ownership of your account. We take the security of your account very seriously, and wish to prevent any 'bad actors' from maliciously gaining access to your account.

Your current IP is clearly displayed to help prevent you from accidentally removing it from the allowed addresses.

For more information, please see our IP Access Management documentation.

Remove a specific IP from the allowed list

DELETE /v3/access_settings/whitelist/{rule_id}

Base url:

This endpoint allows you to remove a specific IP address from your list of allowed addresses.

When removing a specific IP address from your list, you must include the ID in your call. You can retrieve the IDs associated with your allowed IP addresses using the "Retrieve a list of currently allowed IPs" endpoint.


  • API Key


default: Bearer <<YOUR_API_KEY_HERE>>

The on-behalf-of header allows you to make API calls from a parent account on behalf of the parent's Subusers or customer accounts. You will use the parent account's API key when using this header. When making a call on behalf of a customer account, the property value should be "account-id" followed by the customer account's ID (e.g., on-behalf-of: account-id <account-id>). When making a call on behalf of a Subuser, the property value should be the Subuser's username (e.g., on-behalf-of: <subuser-username>). See On Behalf Of for more information.

default: None

Path Parameters


The ID of the allowed IP address that you want to retrieve.

default: None


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        Remove a specific IP from the allowed list

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